Here you can find different personal projects as well as contributions on open-source projects.

React-native Application "Smoothix"

I am currently developing a mobile application, with one side Laravel that allows me to create an API easily and on the other side ReactNative that allows me to create native mobile apps by writing Javascript code.
It's an application that can find smoothie recipes based on the ingredients that you want to put. The principle is that each time an ingredient is selected, the list of ingredients is filtered to show only the ingredients compatible with those previously selected.
She's currently in open beta -> Smoothix.


This module for Thelia allows in a few clicks to add a standard or invisble Google captcha to verify that the user who filled the form is not a robot. The module takes care of the display the captcha and the verification of the user. The module is open source and the code is on github.

Verified reviews

We know that customer like read reviews on e-commerce sites. That's why sites like Verified Reviews allow you to verify and certify reviews to increase customer confidence. This module Thelia makes it possible to easily automate the sending of thelia orders to Verified reviews, which will then be responsible for sending satisfaction survey. Notices received by Verified reviews are then retrieved for display on the product in the website. The module is open source and the code is on github.


Sites realized for breeders / producers of cheese of goats in Haute-loire (Auvergne). To realize this site I wanted to try the framework php Laravel that I found very interesting and much more permissive than some framework. For the css I used materialize because I like the design but I still find it quite poor in functionality compared to Bootstrap for example. The site is available at this address and if you want cheeses you will have to go to Chilhac because they do not deliver

Thelia modules

I developed several small module for the open source e-commerce framework Thelia among them a module of duplication of command in one click [(github)](https: // github .com / thelia-modules / DuplicateOrder), another for calculation of delivery time and delivery date (github), and one for maintenance In case of a large update (github).